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Disconicon is a multi-dimensional, pastiche of technology, psychology, symbology and game design. It is a weird, colourful, and at times humourous, semi-educational jaunt into one of the most seminal moments in Western's technological history: the inception of the personal computer. Sherry Turkle's The Second Self provides the philosophical tone of the game and direct references to C64 hardware are punctuated throughout.

Original score by Bile Sister


Windows OS




PlantSim is a basic pixel-art simulation of a houseplant. Placed in the context an art exhibition, it is essential for gallery visitors to to act as caretakers to this digital organism. This plant, like any other life-form, has needs, and those needs can only be fulfilled through positive interaction with its audience. Bestowing upon it the necessities of survival and a regular dose of affection will allow PlantSim to flourish and bloom; neglect and cruelty will cause it to wither and die. It is impossible to not be accountable for the life and/or death of this simulation


Windows OS




You're a fish out of water (literally!) Navigate through the beach towards the ocean, but watch the seagulls - they DO bite. One level.


Windows OS




1 is my first game, and was made using GameMaker for Mac. The idea came out of the need to communicate the frustrations of clinical depression, how it transcends all circumstances and how it’s more than just “feeling sad”. 1 was given its title because many of us who suffer from depression feel like we’re alone, the “only one”. It’s not an experience that is easily talked about, or shared.

Inspired by anna anthropy’s Dys4ia, 1 utilizes the video game format as a medium for sharing personal experiences. The user directly “experiences” 1’s depression and isolation via frustrating, limited, and seemingly aimless gameplay.


Mac + Windows OS

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